• 77 Bluxome Street San Francisco CA 94107
  • (844) 870-7071

77 Bluxome Apartments Reviews

Reviews are based on experiences of actual residents.

4.4 / 5 based on reviews from actual residents and their experience living with us.

Maintenance Staff

Building Quality


Elizabeth Y

Verified resident as of 9/2017

Mike Lopez is an amazing individual who goes above beyond the duties of his role. He anticipates our needs and exceeds our expectations. Couldn’t ask for a better Community Manager. Thank you, Mike!

Reviewed on: 5/26/2018

Miles K

Verified resident as of 4/2016

great landing spot for folks moving to SF for 1st time, need a central spot that is close to work.

Reviewed on: 3/14/2018

Joan M

Verified resident as of 10/2017

Mike Lopez is fantastic. Maintenance quick and efficient. Cleaning team does a great job. Overall an A plus experience. Thank you.

Reviewed on: 3/13/2018

Victor S

Verified resident as of 4/2017

Really like this community. The apartment size is just about right and the amenities are very nice for a building of this size. The community manager also did a great job communicating about issues and has always been available to chat or answer questions. I hope to return to this community when I am able to return to the city.

Reviewed on: 3/3/2018

Julian I

Verified resident as of 1/2018

When a squeaky door kept squeaking, the maintenance person was willing and able to go the extra mile to correct the problem and also clean up and add a touch of paint. Very impressed!

Reviewed on: 2/11/2018

Caitlan C

Verified resident as of 4/2017

Very quick to respond and maintenance has been very nice!

Reviewed on: 12/12/2017

Pamela H

Verified resident as of 9/2017

Courteous, responsive, proactive communicator with high professional standards

Reviewed on: 10/17/2017

Joseph K

Verified resident as of 9/2017

Mike is very friendly, understanding, and eager to help. And he cares about prioritizing the things that matter to tenants.

Reviewed on: 9/22/2017

George K

Verified resident as of 8/2017

Mikes been great to work with - responsive, helpful, and friendly. Definitely makes the place feel more like a community.

Reviewed on: 8/23/2017

Sergio V

Verified resident as of 7/2017

Mike is a beast!!! He makes the community an awesome place to live!

Reviewed on: 8/14/2017

James S

Verified resident as of 7/2017

awesome. Trashaun has responded to Evey one of our needs,helped with access to storag and Took extra care with deliveries.Mike Lopez Was just as responsive. Great team from the first contact

Reviewed on: 7/24/2017

James M

Verified resident as of 6/2017

Good communication. Actively try to resolve problems.

Reviewed on: 7/6/2017

Sidhesh M

Verified resident as of 7/2016

It was a pleasant stay. Great location! Prompt service! I would highly recommend this place.

Reviewed on: 6/22/2017

Marlon F

Verified resident as of 9/2016

The property is well maintained and events are set up for social opportunities.

Reviewed on: 5/18/2017

Emin A

Verified resident as of 11/2016

They were very oncall and responsive and respectiful

Reviewed on: 5/10/2017

Yuriy S

Verified resident as of 8/2016

I loved living in the building. It is very convenient location and has very good on tim maintenance. I am only moving because I need to move in with a buddy.

Reviewed on: 3/2/2017

Jian Wei L

Verified resident as of 10/2016

I'm very happy to move in to 77 Bluxome. Leina was super responsive in email and helped clarify a lot of question before moving in.

Reviewed on: 11/12/2016

Charles S

Verified resident as of 10/2016

Leina Kudo has been great and very helpful during my transition.

Reviewed on: 11/4/2016

Yuriy S

Verified resident as of 8/2016

I like where i live. Leina is very helpful!

Reviewed on: 10/10/2016

Jiongbo Z

Verified resident as of 9/2016

Leina was an amazing property manager, and helped greatly with my move in both in person and via email. Thanks!

Reviewed on: 10/1/2016

Nazar E

Verified resident as of 1/2016

Great building, helpful staff, central location.

Reviewed on: 2/15/2016

Kristopher D

Verified resident as of 10/2015

Alisa is amazing, and has been responsive and very understanding for all of my rental questions and needs. Thank you!!!!

Reviewed on: 11/22/2015

Andrea J

Verified resident as of 8/2015

Alisa has been such a blessing since I have been here. She is ON IT, I always catch her making sure the lobby is prestine and fresh as possible. Also, if theres any questions or concerns I have regarding the studio she helps instantaneously. This studio has been a great fit so far and I am very happy to be here.

Reviewed on: 9/30/2015

Timothy G

Verified resident as of 6/2014

Office staff and maintenance have been amazing. Alisa and Peter have been very helpful throughout my stay, and are a credit to Equity.

Reviewed on: 8/17/2015

Chun Yi W

Verified resident as of 6/2015

Alisa is a great manager. She is responsive and always replies my request within few hours. She is very passionate with our community and does very well creating fun experience. Also, she is very professional and makes my move-in process very smooth. She

Reviewed on: 7/6/2015

Swen K

Verified resident as of 4/2015

So far so great. Alisa the leasing consultant is doing a very good job!

Reviewed on: 5/17/2015

Marc M

Verified resident as of 6/2014

I had a great experience, and wish I could stay.

Reviewed on: 5/4/2015

Komendi K

Verified resident as of 8/2014

Building manager Alisa is great, taking care my mailbox, laundry card issues so fast. I am very satisfied with her work.

Reviewed on: 4/2/2015

Heidi F

Verified resident as of 12/2014

Very smooth experience. Really happy we found this place.

Reviewed on: 1/13/2015

Laurie C

Verified resident as of 7/2014

77 Bluxome is fantastic, and Rich is amazing. I literally could not be happier with my experience.

Reviewed on: 8/5/2014

Timothy G

Verified resident as of 6/2014

Rich Henriquez has been great -- friendly, responsive and very helpful.

Reviewed on: 7/20/2014

Jacob C

Verified resident as of 4/2014

Rich was amazing. Moving from another state and not being able to see the apartments in person, he went above and beyond helping me make my move a easy one! He was prompt with his response and his follow up was even better. Without him I probably would not have moved to 77 bluxome.

Reviewed on: 5/12/2014

Ben W

Verified resident as of 5/2013

Rich Henriquez made my experience at 77 Bluxome. The location was amazing and the price was right, but honestly Rich was the bright spot of my year at this location. Hold on to him, he's a winner.

Reviewed on: 3/22/2014

Randy C

Verified resident as of 12/2013

Excellent service from Rich and his staff, spotless maintenance of the building, very pleased.

Reviewed on: 1/18/2014

Ben W

Verified resident as of 5/2013

Rich Henriquez really makes this building what it is - great place to call home!

Reviewed on: 12/12/2013

Erwin M

Verified resident as of 10/2013

Rich Henriquez has been a pleasure to work with, very pleasant and accomodating

Reviewed on: 10/24/2013

David T

Verified resident as of 9/2013

The staff are so great!!! Rich and Mariah are absolutely fantastic, and are super reliable!

Reviewed on: 9/29/2013

Frank C

Verified resident as of 8/2013

Rich made my stay amazing. I would move back in a heartbeat.

Reviewed on: 9/27/2013

Frank C

Verified resident as of 8/2013

From the moment I first met with Rich Henriquez at 77 Bluxome, I knew I was in good hands. Rich single-handedly made me a huge advocate for Equity Residential as a living option, and I will from now on be looking at Equity properties in my travels across the US. Rich is a stand up guy, and he goes above and beyond to help people not just understand what the property he's working on has to offer but also helps them get settled with great tips about the area, help with packages and deliveries, advice about the building and the city in general, and stewardship of your brand. I cannot say enough nice things about him other than you guys are lucky to have him, and he has made living at 77 Bluxome an absolute pleasure. That the building was clean and secure only made things even better. I had a great experience. Thank you so much!

Reviewed on: 9/19/2013

Antonio B

Verified resident as of 4/2013

The size of the apartment its enough for one person. Location is good and in my case it was just two blocks from my job post.

Reviewed on: 7/6/2013

Aki S

Verified resident as of 10/2012

location is great, love it.

Reviewed on: 5/9/2013

Vlasia A

Verified resident as of 2/2013

Overall, the property management office has offered a great experience!

Reviewed on: 2/24/2013

Nikola P

Verified resident as of 1/2013

So far so good. No complains, everything is as it was promised at the beginning.

Reviewed on: 2/10/2013

Theresa B

Verified resident as of 7/2012

Overall, it has been a great place to live. I am new to the west coast and big city life so living here has helped me acclimate considerably!!

Reviewed on: 2/9/2013

Richard K

Verified resident as of 6/2012

The apartment is perfect for my needs and in a good location. I love the roof top patio. It is a very desirable feature.

Reviewed on: 1/13/2013

Aki S

Verified resident as of 10/2012

the leasing agent, matt was awesome. he is very responsive, fast and attentive. very easy move in. thank you.

Reviewed on: 10/28/2012

Ian A

Verified resident as of 9/2012

Very satisfied! Thank you!

Reviewed on: 10/6/2012