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The Westmont Apartments Reviews

Reviews are based on experiences of actual residents.

3.9 / 5 based on reviews from actual residents and their experience living with us.

Maintenance Staff


Building Quality

Jane R

Verified resident as of 1/2021

The team has been incredible. So helpful, efficient and available.

Reviewed on: 2/13/2021

Tony N

Verified resident as of 12/2020

The team is great! Everyone is friendly and nice and the apartment is beautiful. Great being at The Westmont

Reviewed on: 1/13/2021

Elana G

Verified resident as of 2/2018

Always fix things in timely manner

Reviewed on: 10/30/2020

Jamie P

Verified resident as of 9/2020

Your team has been available, supportive and accessible whenever I need!

Reviewed on: 9/20/2020

Joel P

Verified resident as of 8/2020

Everybody at Westmont has been very professional and friendly. The move-in process has been a pleasure.

Reviewed on: 8/21/2020

Hannah C

Verified resident as of 7/2020

Everyone is extremely attentive and kind!

Reviewed on: 8/2/2020

Ryan F

Verified resident as of 7/2020

Very helpful staff and team who have been great so far!

Reviewed on: 7/28/2020

Milivoy S

Verified resident as of 3/2020

Leasing Agent Nzhingha has been super helpful. Service staff has also been responsive and helpful.

Reviewed on: 4/25/2020

Tomas M

Verified resident as of 2/2020

Marsha and Brittani have been some welcoming to us! They really went several extra miles to get us this great apartment! They got so involved, followed so closely on us every day to make our move-in possible. I still dont understand how they pulled this one off. Im still amazed!

Reviewed on: 3/7/2020

Talia S

Verified resident as of 11/2018

The employees are very friendly and welcoming!

Reviewed on: 11/20/2019

Rebecca L

Verified resident as of 7/2019

Although I have just moved into the building the staff here at the Westmont has been so welcoming!

Reviewed on: 8/6/2019

Anthony I

Verified resident as of 6/2019

Leasing office and concierge have been very helpful throughout the move in process. Building is beautiful with friendly residents.

Reviewed on: 7/1/2019

Paul P

Verified resident as of 9/2018

Responsive, friendly staff.

Reviewed on: 6/3/2019

Amanda A

Verified resident as of 8/2018

The maintenance team and front desk are incredible people! Brittany is also a pleasure to work with : she is very organized and friendly

Reviewed on: 5/8/2019

Oliver T

Verified resident as of 8/1996

Team is very helpful at all times

Reviewed on: 5/4/2019

Chana D

Verified resident as of 8/2018

I appreciate the updates we receive regarding updates in the building.

Reviewed on: 5/3/2019

Emilie L

Verified resident as of 8/2018

concierge team is wonderful, maintenance team is very competent

Reviewed on: 4/24/2019

Tonia D

Verified resident as of 8/2018

We moved to Westmont temporarily as our apt in the neighborhood was being renovated. We have been impressed by how well run the Westmont is. The staff is friendly and helpful. We enjoy the amenities of the bldg as well gym, rooftop and WiFi rooms. Thanks for making our stay so pleasant and easy.

Reviewed on: 4/20/2019

Shaun M

Verified resident as of 12/2018

Everyone was very kind

Reviewed on: 3/1/2019

Athena H

Verified resident as of 7/2018

Very responsive to questions or requests

Reviewed on: 2/14/2019

Amanda B

Verified resident as of 8/2016

Very helpful!

Reviewed on: 4/13/2018

Tamar H

Verified resident as of 6/2008

The service and front desk staff are exceptional.

Reviewed on: 2/8/2018

Erika B

Verified resident as of 12/2004

Service requests are answered quickly, the amenities are wonderful.

Reviewed on: 9/26/2017

Erica R

Verified resident as of 9/2017

Everything has been perfect, smooth and extremely organized . Very pleased

Reviewed on: 9/15/2017

Ron S

Verified resident as of 12/2014

great team

Reviewed on: 8/20/2017

Clara M

Verified resident as of 10/2004

The doormen and maintenance staff are polite and friendly. The common areas are clean. Its a great place!

Reviewed on: 5/22/2017

Casey W

Verified resident as of 8/2002

I think its the best building deal in the city!

Reviewed on: 4/7/2017

Lois R

Verified resident as of 2/2017

VERY SATISFIED Staff excellent. Building kept well.

Reviewed on: 3/12/2017

Maxine B

Verified resident as of 2/2017

Our rental associate was extremely helpful and friendly throughout the rental process.

Reviewed on: 3/2/2017

Victoria Rong K

Verified resident as of 11/2010

We are very happy here.

Reviewed on: 9/21/2016

Barbara C

Verified resident as of 6/2016

The maintenance staff and leasing office staff have been very responsive! They are all great.

Reviewed on: 7/12/2016

Stephanie S

Verified resident as of 4/2012

Love the doormen and the maintenance staff

Reviewed on: 7/1/2016

Clara M

Verified resident as of 10/2004

The doormen and repairmen are wonderful. They are a big part of why I enjoy coming home each day.

Reviewed on: 3/30/2016

Bradi S

Verified resident as of 1/2016

Wonderful move-in experience, extremely helpful leasing agents and maintenance staff - very satisfied thus far. Hope to remain a resident for many years to come.

Reviewed on: 2/8/2016

Ai H

Verified resident as of 8/1996

I am truly fortunate to have found this place to be my home for the past several years. The location, amenities, staff, etc- everything is amazing. Thank you for making my experience of living at this apartment community very a happy one.

Reviewed on: 3/30/2015

Joseph M

Verified resident as of 10/2014

Very please so far with everything

Reviewed on: 10/31/2014

Melanie M

Verified resident as of 6/2012

I have had an apartment in The Westmont for 9 years. The office staff & maintenance service throughout these years have been superlative! The neighbors have been lovely. This has been a true home for us----providing us w/a real Haven during a particularly turbulent & traumatic personal time. I will always be grateful to the staff of The Westmont for the care of myself &my young daughter & that we were able to have this be a real Home during these years. This is an immaculately & impeccably kept place. We are very sad to leave. Thank you!

Reviewed on: 4/2/2014

Eric T

Verified resident as of 5/2013


Reviewed on: 12/24/2013

Sara E

Verified resident as of 8/2010

As I said before, the office staff and maintenance people are amazing. Very helpful and friendly as well as prompt and efficient. Karl and Jennie have made such a difference to me and my family over the past 3 years.

Reviewed on: 5/17/2013

Allison B

Verified resident as of 6/2011

Maintenance staff and doormen are terrific

Reviewed on: 4/26/2013

Elizabeth H

Verified resident as of 8/2012

The apartments are a great size and very comfortable.

Reviewed on: 3/28/2013