• 12301 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles CA 90064
  • (213) 455-4300

C on Pico Apartments Reviews

Reviews are based on experiences of actual residents.

4.4 / 5 based on reviews from actual residents and their experience living with us.

April W

Verified resident as of 6/2018

We’ve always had a pleasant experience here at C on Pico. This is our first apartment together for my boyfriend and I and the team here helps it feel like home. We always appreciate the care and attention the C on Pico team gives us! Thanks for making us feel at home! :

Reviewed on: 2/16/2019

Ru Y

Verified resident as of 5/2018

very good

Reviewed on: 1/3/2019

Carlos O

Verified resident as of 3/2014

The staff does their best at making life in the building pleasant.

Reviewed on: 11/7/2018

Juliana G

Verified resident as of 10/2018

The building has been kept relatively clean and quiet. The staff has been very quick in responding to any issues that I brought to their attnetion. I had difficulty with my mailbox key when I first moved in. I brought the issue to Beths attention on Saturday and by Sunday the lock had been changed and I had a new key.

Reviewed on: 10/22/2018

Houston F

Verified resident as of 8/2018

Its pretty early on, but so far so good! Heavenly is wonderful.

Reviewed on: 9/11/2018

Brandi T

Verified resident as of 8/2018

They are always very quick to respond.

Reviewed on: 9/7/2018

Amanda M

Verified resident as of 8/2017

loved living here! excellent maintenance staff, love he amazon hub, very safesecure building.

Reviewed on: 9/5/2018

Brittany M

Verified resident as of 8/2018

I just moved in to C on Pico a few days ago and Im so happy so far! Everyone was been extremely helpful, Heavenly and Bethany have helped me with any questions Ive had and I love my apartment. My dog who lives with also seems to be liking it a lot, great so far!

Reviewed on: 9/2/2018

Nathan W

Verified resident as of 8/2017

Awesome place and awesome management.

Reviewed on: 8/3/2018

April W

Verified resident as of 6/2018

So far we’ve had such a pleasant experience since we moved in!

Reviewed on: 7/3/2018

Emily M

Verified resident as of 5/2018

The team was super helpful with the whole move in process and the communication was fast and very helpful!

Reviewed on: 5/29/2018

Matthias J

Verified resident as of 8/2017

Staff is very friendly, and attends to all questions in a timely and consistant manner.

Reviewed on: 4/11/2018

Yuliya O

Verified resident as of 3/2018

The building is kept clean, updates sent by staff via email keep me in a loop about what’s going on. Fortunately I didn’t have any serious issues with the apartment but the little things I needed maintenance for were taken care of promptly and efficiently.

Reviewed on: 3/22/2018

Garrett D

Verified resident as of 1/2018

Joel and Katie are awesome. I dont know his name but the maintenance guy is also really chill and great. Just an all around good team of people.

Reviewed on: 3/21/2018

Juan Diego R

Verified resident as of 2/2017

Never had any issues while living there.

Reviewed on: 12/18/2017

Quinn K

Verified resident as of 11/2017

Only had one problem so far and the team responded quickly

Reviewed on: 12/7/2017

Amy S

Verified resident as of 3/2014

My service requests are always answered promptly and solved in one visit. The staff is friendly and usually available when I need them.

Reviewed on: 11/15/2017

William R

Verified resident as of 11/2016

The apartment community is really welcoming, had no problems in the stay. The reason for moving is college proximity, for that purpose we are moving to Equity Apartments at Park West

Reviewed on: 9/3/2017

Jonathan R

Verified resident as of 7/2017

All service requests have been resolved quickly and completely.

Reviewed on: 8/22/2017

Patricia L

Verified resident as of 6/2017

Both Joel and Alisa have been very helpful at every turn. They go out of their way to make sure any issues are addressed promptly. I couldnt be happier with them.

Reviewed on: 6/19/2017

Alaina S

Verified resident as of 5/2014

The building has new ownership and staff, but the transition has felt seamless and easy. Everyone is always willing to help and very approachable.

Reviewed on: 2/18/2017

Joseph K

Verified resident as of 8/2014

We appreciate the condition the building is kept in, especially the common areas and grills.

Reviewed on: 12/4/2016