It's all about you.

Our passion is to provide great lifestyles in places people most want to live, work and play.
A place you can be yourself and retreat from stress of the day.
A welcome home where you can connect with old friends and make new ones.
Our resident benefits are designed to make this possible.

Serving up the Service

We make sure your home is welcoming and ready from day one and every step of the way.
Keeping open lines of communication and solving problems quickly are key to a happy home.

Total Satisfaction Guarantee


Put your love to the test

Your move-in experience should be exceptional, and your home the right fit. We are confident you’ll love your new home - but if you choose to leave in the first 30 days, you will only pay for the days you’ve stayed.


Online Connection


On-the-go access

Send service requests, pay rent
and more through our resident-only website and mobile site to keep things moving wherever you are.

Creating Community

Getting to know your neighbors, sharing interests and making friends are part of what makes Equity properties the vibrant communities they are.

Social Connections


Know your neighbors

Create your own profile to share with your
neighbors on our resident-only website and join in one of our Mix & Mingle events.

Refer A Friend


A friend's presence
is a present itself.

And we’ll throw in a little something extra.
Refer your friends to an Equity community and get rewarded with a gift from us.

Extra Convenient

These extra services come with perks, making life at an Equity community
even more convenient and rewarding.



Wheels when you
need them

Our partnership with Zipcar gets you a special discount, plus $50 in free miles.

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Cort Furniture


Furniture in a flash

No furniture? No problem! You are automatically approved with Cort Furniture when you live with us. Enjoy 25% off your first month.

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Life Happens

Jobs change, preferences change. Life can take you to new places.
We’ll do everything we can to help you get there.

Transfer Program


Take us with you

New family plans? New job across town?
We’ll help you find another Equity home you love when it’s time to make a move.


If you find yourself needing to move while living with us, our Transfer Program is designed to make relocation easier. We have other communities in several major markets, and can help you find the right home in the right place. Contact your community team for more information.

Rent With Equity


Dream a little dream

Earn credits each month and apply them to
the purchase of a house one day.

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Here's How it Works

For each monthly rent payment, Equity will return 15 to 20 percent back to you in the form of non-cash rent credits (accrual varies by market). You're automatically enrolled - no registration fees or minimum stay requirements. Begin earning credits the day you move in! These credits can be applied toward the purchase of a newly constructed home from one of our Participating Builders nationwide.

The longer you stay with us, the more rent credits you accrue.

When you're ready to purchase a new home, contact your management office. Your Manager will provide you a Rent with Equity® Rewards Certificate reflecting your accrued rent credits. You can redeem your certificate for discounts of up to 3% off the cost of a new home built by any of our Participating Builders, including reductions off the purchase price, options and upgrades, or closing costs.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Rent with Equity® Rewards program. Simply click on any of the questions below.

What is Rent with Equity® Rewards?
Rent with Equity® Rewards is a comprehensive home buying program designed to help our residents realize their dream of home ownership. Equity Residential has partnerships with leading companies across the home buying industry that allow us to offer you special services and financial rewards toward the purchase of a home.
How can I sign up for Rent with Equity® Rewards?
All Equity Residential residents nationwide are automatically enrolled in this program for free.
Can my friend or family member take advantage of Rent with Equity® Rewards?
Rent with Equity® Rewards can only be used by a resident of an Equity Residential community. An Equity Residential resident must be one of the purchasers of the home to use the rewards.
Can I use a real estate agent, assigned by a home buying counselor, when I choose to work with one of your participating builders?
Rent credits translate into a discount given by the participating builder to you for working directly with them. Equity Residential residents cannot use a real estate agent assigned by a home buying counselor when redeeming their credits with a participating builder.
How can I find a participating builder in my area?
Your management office has information on the participating builders in your area, or you can search by state to find the participating builders for your area.
Can I use my rent credits with a builder of my choice?
Only builders who participate in the Rent with Equity® Rewards program will honor your rent credits.
Can I purchase a new home anywhere in the U.S. using my rent credits?
Your rent credits can be applied toward the purchase of a newly constructed home in any market where our participating builders are located.
How are my rent credits calculated?
Equity Residential grants credits to you every month based on 15% to 20% of your base rent (accrual percentage varies by market). One dollar equals one rent credit. For example: if your monthly rent is $1000 and the accrual percentage is 20%, you’ll earn 200 rent credits each month.
How soon will I begin accruing rent credits?
You start earning credits as soon as your first month's rent is paid.
Where can I find out how many credits I’ve earned?
Call or visit your leasing office during business hours to find out how many rent credits you've earned.
I'm ready to buy a home with a participating builder. How do I use my rent credits?
When you're ready to buy a home, visit your leasing office to obtain your Rent with Equity® Rewards Certificate. Then present your certificate to the participating builder's sales agent at the time you sign your purchase agreement. Credits can be used toward the purchase price, options and upgrades or closing costs. The participating builder will determine the best way to apply your credits, but you'll get the full value of your credits, up to the maximum 2% to 3% of the purchase price (maximum percentage varies by builder). After you sign the purchase agreement, you will not be able to add additional credits to the purchase of your home. The credits do not have any cash value.
How do I accrue credits if I share my apartment with roommates?
Roommates earn credits independently based on the total rent paid for the apartment. For example: if the monthly rent for an apartment is $1000 and the accrual percentage is 20%, each roommate receives 200 Rent with Equity® Rewards rent credits per month. Please note: only one Rent with Equity® Rewards Certificate can be used per home purchase. Credits cannot be combined toward a single purchase.
What happens to my rent credits if I move to another Equity Residential apartment community?
Your rent credits move with you and continue to accrue as long as you continue to live in an Equity Residential community.
Do my rent credits expire?
Rent credits expire 120 days after you move out of an Equity Residential community. If Equity Residential has sold the community you currently live in, your credits will be valid for one year from the date of sale.
Do I have to use a specific mortgage lender in order to redeem my credits with a participating builder?
No. Many of our participating builders have mortgage lenders that you can use for your new home purchase. And we understand participating builders may offer special incentives in exchange for using their preferred mortgage company, but use of your rent credits with a participating builder is not contingent upon using the builder’s mortgage lender.