Edgemont at Bethesda Metro Apartments II

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Project Overview

The Edgemont project will transform the corner of Woodmont Avenue and Edgemoor Lane through the development and construction of a new 15 story, 154 unit multi-family property. Incorporated into the building is an exciting glass and metal panel facade that will match the curve of Woodmont Avenue and tie the building to its surroundings. The project will also create a new public green space along Edgemoor Lane, providing a new neighborhood amenity and greatly improved streetscape experience.

Ongoing and Upcoming Work

On Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th the Tower Crane erection will take place. The erection process will require two assist cranes which will be located on Woodmont Avenue, restricting traffic down to one lane. Montgomery County has issued an off-hours work permit allowing the crane installation to begin at 3am on Saturday, continuing into Sunday. Equipment setup will begin at 3am on Saturday and work will continue into the early evening. If Sunday work is required, crews will resume around 7am and work until the crane erection is complete.

After two or three updates with much of the same work, it is exciting to be able to update everyone on some new activities that we expect to start over the next couple of weeks. Excavation and support of excavation are approaching completion in some areas of the project, as such you will start to notice concrete operations selectively working around the site. Concrete footings are the first structural elements of the building that will be installed over the next couple of weeks. One of the largest footings that will be placed is for the tower crane, which you can expect to be erected in late December or early January. Utility work continues around the project, which at times may require some changes and re-direction of pedestrian traffic. We have added a number of solar powered lights in an effort to keep the pedestrian pathway along Woodmont lit at night. We will continue to explore some other lighting options until Pepco is able to provide temporary power and more stable solution can be implemented.

Current and upcoming activities include the following:

  • Installation of the Maintenance of Traffic measures
  • Excavation down two levels for building parking
  • Public space and on-site utility work
  • Concrete foundation work
  • Installation of tower crane

General Project Milestones

  • Project Start: September 2019
  • Excavation Complete: Beginning of 2020
  • Concrete/Building Top Out: Late 2020
  • Facade Start: Middle of 2020
  • Interior Work Start: Middle of 2020
  • Units Deliver: Mid to Late 2021

Work with Potential Noise

Installation of the support of excavation piles will be drilled to reduce noise; however, the installation process, even with drilling, requires heavy machinery that at times will be noisy. Similarly, the Demolition and Excavation processes will require the use of heavy equipment and trucking of excavated materials. It is reasonable to expect some noise with all the large equipment and truck activity throughout these phases, but we will work to minimize the impact as best we can. Construction activities will abide by Montgomery County’s requirements for schedule and noise.

Roadway and Sidewalk Impacts

Through multiple coordination meetings with MCDOT and Bethesda Urban Partnership, we have developed a plan that provides pedestrian access around the project site. In order to accomplish this and allow for safe construction deliveries, the project will utilize the curb lane along the west side of Woodmont Avenue and the curb and one drive lane on the north side of Edgemoor Lane. The roadways around the project will receive new construction signage and temporary striping to direct traffic accordingly. During the early stages of the project there will be periodic daytime sidewalk closures necessary for new utility crossings. The pedestrian path of travel along Woodmont has been shifted off of the sidewalk and along the concrete barriers the run down the curb lane, this configuration will remain in place for the majority of the project.