Living Well

A job should be more than just a paycheck. All of us need the right mix of physical, financial, career, social and community elements in order to be at our best. At Equity, we’re committed to providing the tools to help our employees achieve their optimal balance. It’s beyond just doing well – it’s wellbeing.

healthiest award

Here’s how we support the foundation for total wellbeing:


We’re proud that 90% of our employees say that they know what’s expected of them on the job and even more feel their skills are a good fit for what they do.


Our philosophy is to provide highly competitive compensation, to recognize top performers and to help provide for the future.


Our focus on wellness helps keep small problems from turning into life-changing events.


We give employees time off to roll up their sleeves and lend a hand in the communities where they live and work.

Creating connections is the key to our culture and our company – 82% of our employees report that they have at least one good friend at work.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

Equity understands that our people are the real bricks and mortar of the company. We've developed a comprehensive, highly flexible benefits program with a multitude of options to suit your particular needs and interests — today and in the future.

All in the Family

Equity offers benefits to Spouse, child(ren) who is under age 26, including step-child(ren), legally adopted child(ren) as well as adoption assistance for employees who want to expand their families.

No Place Like Home

Employees are eligible for discounts on Equity apartments of up to 20%.

Kick Butt!

The only safer cigarette is your last one, and Equity offers a choice of tobacco-cessation programs for employees ready to kick the habit.

A Reason to Smile

Equity provides enhanced dental coverage to help with certain health conditions at no additional cost to employees.


Equity offers pet insurance so that your best friend can live a healthier life, too.

Good Advice

From relationship issues to debt management, our 24-7 employee assistance program, LifeWorks, can help free of charge.

Where There’s a Will…

The MetLaw program provides employees with experienced attorneys that can provide help with estate planning, mortgage refinancing and other legal matters at less than $10 per paycheck.

Match Game

Equity’s offers a company match of up to 4% on contributions to the Advantage 401(k) program for employees.

Giving Back

Each year full-time employees get up to 8 hours of paid time off to participate in community service projects.

We know our people are the best in the business, so we go the extra mile to provide programs we know will help our employees achieve optimal balance.