Going Green

By partnering with local utilities, more than 30,000 of our apartments have received $5 million worth of energy and water conservation installations, at no cost to the company or our residents.

Here are a few of our sustainable initiatives:


Equity’s Pretty Smart® program saves energy with good-looking Energy Star refrigerators and dishwashers, while donating the used appliances to groups like Habitat for Humanity makes our neighborhoods stronger.


From apartments with CFL bulbs to entire communities retrofitted with thousands of efficient LED lights, we shine bright by keeping lighting use (and costs) at a minimum.


Our communities and offices recycle everything from paper to plastic to boxes and bottles – we’ve even got high-rises that mulch!


Our focus on urban locations means that public transportation is our residents’ first choice, complemented by on-site Zipcars and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Water Conservation

Our properties have installed dual flush toilets in our bathrooms and smart watering systems on property grounds. This saves plenty of water for our finned friends.


Big projects, like energy-generating solar panels, put us at the cutting edge of conservation. And small fixes that save residents money like programmable thermostats.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Our wood floors and carpets combine sit-on-the-floor comfort with 100% recyclability.

Air Quality

Our low-emission paint and window glass meet the highest air-quality standards in the country, and Equity’s smoke-free communities make it easy for residents to Just Breathe® in comfort and style.


Our in-house green/sustainability initiative sees the big picture, allowing us to weave sustainable and green practices into our everyday solutions.


Sustainability requires an all-inclusive approach, addressing not only our relationship with the environment through a focus on resource conservation, waste reduction and energy efficiency, but also our social impact to our communities, including relationships with our residents, employees and shareholders.

Download our 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report