Just like our residents, our employees come from everywhere. A richly diverse work environment captures the top talent, cultivates the best ideas, and creates the widest possible platform for success. By bringing together a deep array of backgrounds, perspectives and cultures, we know when we put our heads together, good things happen.


How Do You Say...


That’s Korean for “I lost my key.” In any language, that means trouble. To make sure our residents get the service they need, our maintenance technicians have an array of language cards that help them identify what’s wrong so they can get to work making it right.

What's Cooking?

Nothing brings people together like a barbeque. That’s why one of our Boston properties offers three grills, each dedicated to a different type of food preparation: kosher, halal and anything goes. Just one of many ways we celebrate diverse tastes and taste buds.

Our Diversity Council

The motto of our Diversity Council, chosen from every rank and region of the company, is “Everyday, Everywhere, Everyone.” One result of this hands-on approach is that our employees embrace our commitment to inclusion and agree that Equity values people from different cultural backgrounds.


Sr Residential Financial Specialist, AZ

I think many of us unknowingly judge or close ourselves off to that which is unfamiliar to us. In doing so we miss out on the personal growth and fulfillment that comes with new experiences and meeting new people.


1st VP Controller, GA

I am striving to be more intentional about my part in increasing diversity awareness and becoming a champion for this topic. I am inspired by the many stories I hear of the diverse backgrounds and achievements of some of our teammates.


Sr Leasing Consultant, DC

I hope to achieve an atmosphere where all who work at Equity feel their voice is heard and their insight is valuable. I believe that diversity is a source of creativity and innovation and we can reach an inclusive culture at Equity in all branches of the company.


Community Manager, CA

What "diversity" means to me is an inclusive work atmosphere where everyone feels open to participate and contribute their perspectives. Our success can be attributed to our focus on diversity and inclusion, enabling us to be an efficient multi-faceted company. Great minds think alike, but can also think unalike to maximize all possibilities to accomplish efficient outcomes.


Community Manager, WA

The importance of diversity and inclusion has been the foundation of my core belief system for as long as I can remember. I think it's essential that these core values be a part of our everyday personal and professional lives.


Director Benefits, IL

I believe it’s important to recognize the gifts each individual brings to a group. Having unique experiences and a cultural identity that isn’t homogeneous is a wonderful thing that we should embrace and learn from one another. I look forward to sharing the unique experiences each member brings to the Council and how we can leverage these gifts for a better work environment for all Equity employees.


Manager Affordability Compliance, IL

Our country is more mixed-race, mixed ethnicity, and “minority-majority” than ever. Our world is more globalized, as interdependent and interconnected as ever thought possible in generations before. Knowing this is not the same as feeling diversity in our lives. I still have to consciously plan and choose diversity in my life; corporations, including Equity, will have to do similar “diversity planning” to continue to be a successful company with a competitive advantage.


Recruiter, DC

In my role as a Recruiter, I'm inspired every day by the amazing people I meet from all corners of the globe and all walks of life. I feel honored to be in a position that makes a direct impact on our company’s diversity, and I feel the weight of responsibility that accompanies that honor. Diversifying our workforce all the way up to the senior leadership level starts with building bench strength, and identifying our potential future leaders is one of the most rewarding challenges of my job.


Service Technician, CA

Being an African American women in a male dominated field is not always easy but being in the military, I know how important it is to have every member of your team feel accepted and appreciated for their contribution to the mission. I joined the Diversity Council to help give others the courage to step out of their assigned box and feel good about it.