Westchester Rockville Station Apartments Reviews

Reviews are based on experiences of actual residents.

4.4 / 5 based on reviews from actual residents and their experience living with us.

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Maintenance Staff


Roberta R

Verified resident as of 4/2017

The team always responds to any request - either in person or on line in a very efficient and friendly, helpful manner. It is a pleasure to interact with all of them.

Reviewed on: 11/27/2017

Katherine T

Verified resident as of 11/2017

Everything has been smooth and easy. All staff are so friendly and welcoming! Thank you:

Reviewed on: 11/25/2017

Claudia K

Verified resident as of 7/2015

I had a great time living here and enjoying such nice view from my apt and the comfort and safety features of this place. Also, I will surely miss the great service Hristina, Maurius, Patricio and the maintenance team provide.I am sad to leave.

Reviewed on: 10/29/2017

Slade S

Verified resident as of 2/2017

Westchester Rockville team has been very helpful since the first day I moved in.

Reviewed on: 10/28/2017

Adam R

Verified resident as of 2/2014

The team is awesome. Hristina does a great job in the office and Marius and Albert are always working and taking care of the property. Rob also does a great job and has been prompt and helpful to us whenever we have needed him.

Reviewed on: 10/21/2017

Tracy K

Verified resident as of 9/2017

I had a wonderful experience with Mario at maintenance. He called me to explain the problems I was having and told me he would be willing to come back when I was home to give me a first-hand look at what I was experiencing. Hristina was also a wonderful help during the leasing process.

Reviewed on: 10/11/2017

Ki H. K

Verified resident as of 9/2017

The team here has been unfailingly friendly and helpful. Great staff!

Reviewed on: 10/10/2017

Susan N

Verified resident as of 2/2016

Hristina is excellent, very responsive. Maintenance staff is outstanding 5-star plus. Building is clean, noise minimal, packages well controlled. Nice pool maintenance.

Reviewed on: 9/28/2017

Mary M

Verified resident as of 9/2017

Hristina is very helpful whenever I ask for anything. Mario in maintenance was extremely helpful at move-in, helping us to get the couch into the building and apt.

Reviewed on: 9/26/2017

Kristina J

Verified resident as of 2/2013

The Maintenance service personnel, Marius and Albert, are always seen around keeping everything in tip-top shape. Petricio keeps the refuse areas so clean and trash-free. He is a wonder! The hallways and common areas are clean and spotless. Hristina in the leasing office is always available and friendly.

Reviewed on: 9/25/2017

Steven F

Verified resident as of 9/2017

Robb was wonderful to work with. He was timely and thorough in his responses to us when we had questions. 5 stars!

Reviewed on: 9/24/2017

Lara B

Verified resident as of 11/2015

This community is amazing. The people who work and serve the residents here are amazing. I have had frequent contact with Hristina and Marius. They have been very professional and great to solve any problems I had. I did not have any problems during my stay. We are leaving because we settled in Maryland and we bought a house nearby.

Reviewed on: 9/17/2017

Melissa H

Verified resident as of 1/2017

Everyone is friendly, thoughtful and helpful.

Reviewed on: 9/15/2017

Nena E

Verified resident as of 1/2017

The staff is amazing!!! Very wonderful and nice folks here.

Reviewed on: 9/13/2017

Gustavo Adolfo F

Verified resident as of 11/2015

Was a great time living ant this place, just moving since we are buying. thanks for everything at our time living here with you

Reviewed on: 9/10/2017

Sally R

Verified resident as of 1/2017

Always helpful and open to suggestions for improvement.

Reviewed on: 8/28/2017

Thomas F

Verified resident as of 12/2016

The staff is helpful and friendly. Always there to meet our needs.

Reviewed on: 8/28/2017

Ronald K

Verified resident as of 12/2016

Hristina is an outstanding staff and is always responds to our request. When we first moved, she was very positive and made us feel welcome.

Reviewed on: 8/19/2017

Shamira M

Verified resident as of 7/2017

My sister and I truly enjoy living here at The Weschester! Every one here has been so nice and very respectful. Theyve responded immediately to any issues weve had, which have been minimal. I could not imagine being anywhere else :

Reviewed on: 8/15/2017

Nacola S

Verified resident as of 7/2017

Upon my arrival Hristina walked me through the complex again to remind me of where everything was located. When I noticed a couple of issues in the apt. she immediately sent Marius to assist me. He came in, fixed the minor issues and talked with me about the complex. They were very helpful!

Reviewed on: 8/14/2017

Sheila J

Verified resident as of 10/2016

I have no complaints. The management staff are wonderful,very professional.

Reviewed on: 7/12/2017

Idris O

Verified resident as of 11/2015

We love the staff at Westchester and consider them friends.

Reviewed on: 7/7/2017

Marquita B

Verified resident as of 6/2017

I really have only dealt with two people so far - Hristina and Marius. Both of them have been courteous and prompt in their responses to my questions or need for help. Hristina in particular has gone above and beyond to be helpful.

Reviewed on: 7/7/2017

Luziano T

Verified resident as of 1/2017

It was amazing living in this community of wonderful people. The service is great.

Reviewed on: 7/1/2017

Joseph M

Verified resident as of 11/2016

Quiet, clean, well maintained. Staff offers Food Truck and other activities as an added benefit

Reviewed on: 6/26/2017

Kimberly L

Verified resident as of 5/2017

Any issues that I have had with the apartment were quickly resolved. The staff members were very accommodating during the move in process.

Reviewed on: 6/18/2017

Shirlita S

Verified resident as of 5/2017

Everyone on the team is very friendly and responsive.

Reviewed on: 6/3/2017

Antonia R

Verified resident as of 7/2015

The team is great and always responds to my requests in a timely manner.

Reviewed on: 5/9/2017

Olive K

Verified resident as of 8/2010

Responds ro my requests ALL the time within minutes!!

Reviewed on: 5/7/2017

Shannon W

Verified resident as of 8/2016

The staff and employees are great. Always pleasant and helpful.

Reviewed on: 4/24/2017

Geferson D

Verified resident as of 8/2016

Couldnt ask for a better service from Hristina and Mario and Albert , they are doing a excellent job , always on point and always 100 quality work

Reviewed on: 4/10/2017

Adrienne J

Verified resident as of 7/2016

I have enjoyed living at Westchester. The staff is nice and you cant beat the location. If I did not have to move for work, I would stay.

Reviewed on: 4/9/2017

Ramona W

Verified resident as of 12/2012

Very well! Prompt, courteous and kind...

Reviewed on: 3/27/2017

June B

Verified resident as of 7/2016

The staff is extremely responsive to all of our needs and when problems arise.

Reviewed on: 3/26/2017

Tomas H

Verified resident as of 8/2016

Team I great! Leasing office staff are very nice. Maintenance crew goes above and beyond. Great place.

Reviewed on: 3/24/2017

Mercedes J

Verified resident as of 7/2009

The office and maintenance staff are great! Hristina and Rebecca are always very helpful and professional. Albert and Marius respond to service request quickly.

Reviewed on: 3/10/2017

Samuel S

Verified resident as of 2/2017

Everyone is extremely helpful and have immediate answers to all questions

Reviewed on: 3/10/2017

Mario R

Verified resident as of 8/2016

It was great living here. It was always clean and pleasant. Staff were great, from the leasing staff, to maintenance, tor the ones that keeps it clean. Apartment was spacious but still cozy. Pets are welcomed. If it wasnt for the distance to work, we would have stayed. Worth the price. Best wishes to the Westchester team.

Reviewed on: 1/18/2017

Trever B

Verified resident as of 12/2016

You could not ask for a better staff. Maintenance is on top of it and the front office including management actually care.

Reviewed on: 1/13/2017

Mariyana I

Verified resident as of 12/2016

The team on Westchester Rockville Station Apartments helped us with everything we needed. They helped us with the presentation of the necessary documents and the payment of fees. Moving us up quickly and easily. Hristina Schomburg helped us a lot for which many thanks.

Reviewed on: 1/11/2017

Fabiola C

Verified resident as of 6/2016

Management and maintenance teams are great!

Reviewed on: 1/7/2017

Melinda M

Verified resident as of 5/2016

I have had a very easy time dealing with both the leasing office and the maintenance staff. Marius and Albert have been particularly helpful and are always pleasant. They take care of maintenance needs very quickly. Hristina is always very helpful and hospitable. Rebecca is new to the community but has so far been great to work with.

Reviewed on: 12/27/2016

William J

Verified resident as of 5/2009

Even though there has been changeover in staff over the years, the staff are always competent and professional. The location near the Rockville metro is very convenient. I have been here sine 2009 and am quite happy with the experience here.

Reviewed on: 12/15/2016

Joseph M

Verified resident as of 11/2016

Nice layout. Excellent location that fits my needs. Rent is reasonable for the area.

Reviewed on: 11/25/2016

Stephanie H

Verified resident as of 8/2016

Management and maintenance have been the best I've ever had. Very great service.

Reviewed on: 10/1/2016

James D

Verified resident as of 2/2016

The staff here -- both office and maintenance --are by far the best we have experienced, and we have lived in quite a number of apartment complexes. They always respond promptly, are unfailingly helpful, and seem to genuinely their work. They are your greatest asset. We are satisfied with the price, and there is little we would do improve the apartment.

Reviewed on: 9/29/2016

Albert R

Verified resident as of 8/2016

this is the best maintenance team in town, the office staff is amazing.

Reviewed on: 9/7/2016

Diego K

Verified resident as of 1/2015

The staff in the Rockville are absolutely amazing. Great people, great service.

Reviewed on: 8/10/2016

Ramon P

Verified resident as of 7/2016

Dominique Thomas was very professional and made my move seamless and painless. She is very considerate, patient and customer friendly. All of theses descriptive qualities ensured a successful move experience. Kristina, another associate, also play a positive role as she went over and beyond to ensure the actual 'physical ' move was as streamlined as possible. Thanks Ladies!

Reviewed on: 8/3/2016

Jocelyne V

Verified resident as of 9/2014

I always had a good experience with Hristina. She is very helpful and kind.

Reviewed on: 7/30/2016

Stephanie S

Verified resident as of 6/2016

During a difficult time in my life, I couldn't feel more comfortable and have had a better move in experience than I have had here at Winchester Rockville Station. Hristina and Dominique both were professional and friendly in helping ensure a smooth transition.

Reviewed on: 7/21/2016

Tri D

Verified resident as of 12/2015

The office staff and maintenance service are amazing. Had to put in several request for a broken AC that kept failing and they came promptly each time to check out the machine to determine the cause of failure and in the end were able to fix it. I am happy with the service.

Reviewed on: 7/14/2016

Idris O

Verified resident as of 11/2015

This was hard to pick just one. We love it here because price, size of apartment and amenities and the staff is AMAZING!!! From the moment we came to tour until now being residents it has been a pleasant experience with Dominique, Hristina, Marius and Albert! The cleaning staff keeps hallways clean and floors are always being cleaned and we appreciate that!!! As long as the price remains affordable and staff/management stays efficient we will stay and refer more friends to move in.

Reviewed on: 7/12/2016

Marius S

Verified resident as of 11/2015

I love living at Westchester Station because the community is well maintain and the office staff and the maintenance team is responsible, prompt and very professional. Thank you Westchester Station for providing a great living with an above and beyond service.

Reviewed on: 6/12/2016

Ali A

Verified resident as of 11/2014

great apartment, wish I could transport it to Philadelphia

Reviewed on: 6/9/2016

Aimee H

Verified resident as of 10/2015

We stayed in this apartment for 6 months while we were looking for a house. The office staff were extremely understanding regarding our uncertain timeline. In addition to friendly, helpful staff, most residents in this building also seem kind, respectful, and generally quiet.

Reviewed on: 5/4/2016

Suzanne O

Verified resident as of 9/2015

My husband and I are very happy with our apartment and the location. We moved here from California and had so many expenses and concerns. It was a breath of fresh air when we moved to Rockville Station Apartments. The office staff was excellent!

Reviewed on: 4/20/2016

Marilyn B

Verified resident as of 7/2015

Hristina Schomburg and the rest of your staff are amazing and a tremendous asset to your company!

Reviewed on: 2/23/2016

Tri D

Verified resident as of 12/2015

I am very happy with the apartment. Its a very nice and pleasant place to live. The management team is very responsive, friendly, professional and was one of the top reasons I chose to live here. Thank you.

Reviewed on: 1/11/2016

Suzanne O

Verified resident as of 9/2015

Moving here from California we had no idea about what our apartment would look like. We called Westchester Rockville and spoke with Dominique Thomas who was not only helpful, professional and awesome to speak with, she sent us pictures of the apartment plus the surrounding areas so that we could feel comfortable in our decision. When we arrived at our new home, we were able to meet her in person which was great. We are very pleased and comfortable in our new home.

Reviewed on: 11/12/2015

Michelle S

Verified resident as of 9/2015

Dominique is wonderful! She has been professional, friendly and helpful since the first day I came to visit and continuing along through the move in process and beyond!

Reviewed on: 10/26/2015

Maria B

Verified resident as of 9/2015

I am extremely satisfied with my experience in this community.There is peace and tranquility in my apartment. The unit is very comfortable and fits all of my needs. The staff is helpful, friendly, and attentive. Overall, I am pleased to live somewhere that is determined to offer thier residents a good and happy life.

Reviewed on: 10/17/2015

Darryl D

Verified resident as of 2/2013

I'm very pleased with the quality of service provided from all the staff.

Reviewed on: 10/11/2015

LaToya J

Verified resident as of 8/2015

I honestly have never felt so at home in an apartment before. Just the entire vibe of the complex is positive. I am excited to come home at the end of my day and relax, I feel like the area as well as the style and layout of the apartment make it so easy to unwind! I certainly plan on living here until I buy my 1st home.

Reviewed on: 9/1/2015

Robert R

Verified resident as of 1/2012

Enjoyed my time at this residence. The office staff was amazing the property is well kept and it was an easy and enjoyable place to live.

Reviewed on: 8/18/2015

Alejandro M

Verified resident as of 6/2015

I've lived in numerous locations through out the years and by far the staff here are the best and most professional I have ever met! The determining factor in my move was how professional and welcoming Dominique and Hristina were during my initial visit and during my move in process. I expect to live here for many years because of the collective effort of the staff and how great the property is!

Reviewed on: 8/9/2015

Stephanie L

Verified resident as of 12/2014

The office staff is pleasant and friendly and makes an effort to get to know the residents through fun community events.

Reviewed on: 7/31/2015

Kiernan C

Verified resident as of 6/2015

The staff has been wonderful, particularly Hristina in the office and Albert and Mario from maintenance. They have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome and to take care of even minor issues immediately. Thanks!

Reviewed on: 6/30/2015

Chang L

Verified resident as of 8/2013

The office staffs are helpful and polite. Thank you!

Reviewed on: 6/13/2015

Kathryne O

Verified resident as of 10/2014

I just want to say what wonderful staff you have serving the community. Everyone, especially Hrstina and James, has been outstanding. Thank you.

Reviewed on: 5/14/2015

MaryAnne W

Verified resident as of 5/2013

Loved the apartment, space and light are great. Storage is above average. If not moving to Texas we would be stayng in our apartment.

Reviewed on: 1/18/2015

Ryan G

Verified resident as of 6/2014

Overall I am happy living here. I thought my stay here would be temporary, but I am in no hurry to move.

Reviewed on: 1/15/2015

William J

Verified resident as of 5/2009

I have lived in this apartment complex since May 2009. I only once had a major service issue and it was taken care of quickly. I continue to be happy here with the new management in place.

Reviewed on: 12/3/2014

Kathryne O

Verified resident as of 10/2014

I have been totally satisfied with living here. Hristina, in particular has been outstanding; professional, courteous and is making it a real pleasure to be here with her prompt responses. She and Pablo anticipate the needs of their residents and make the complex feel like a home.

Reviewed on: 11/5/2014

Marlon B

Verified resident as of 5/2009

I enjoyed my experience here very much and it truly saddens me to go. The service, ammenities, and community were superb!

Reviewed on: 8/20/2014

Ki N

Verified resident as of 3/2014

Eddie and Nicole, the property staff members, are very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly throughout the entire move-in process.

Reviewed on: 4/16/2014

Fatmata T

Verified resident as of 8/2013

Is a comfortable place to live and the management is very good.

Reviewed on: 3/10/2014

Chantell S

Verified resident as of 5/2013

I enjoyed the last three years living in Westchester at Rockville. Maintenance staff professional (james). Very responsive to my needs.

Reviewed on: 3/6/2014

Rick S

Verified resident as of 11/2013

As someone that moves quite frequently, I have lived in apartment complexes all over the country. In that time, I have never enjoyed an office and maintenance staff like we have at Westchester Rockville Station. Nicole and Eddie have been fabulous in every aspect of my stay in their complex. Very impressive!

Reviewed on: 3/5/2014

Carmello D

Verified resident as of 1/2014

The smartest decision I've made.

Reviewed on: 2/7/2014

Renae R

Verified resident as of 12/2013

The staff are all great to include the maintenance staff.

Reviewed on: 2/1/2014

Matthew M

Verified resident as of 12/2013

This place is awesome!! I love that the gym is 24 hour.

Reviewed on: 1/22/2014

Luis N

Verified resident as of 12/2013

The office staff is outstanding. From the first time we came to Westchester Apartments we felt welcomed and that this was the place we wanted to call home. We had many questions and requests prior to our move and they were all addressed in a satisfactory manner. As a first time renter (I've always owned the homes that I lived in), the experience of living at Westchester far exceeded my expect ions. We are looking forward to many years of enjoyment in our new residence.

Reviewed on: 1/10/2014

Leila D

Verified resident as of 5/2009

It has been a great home for me and my family. You're the best!!!

Reviewed on: 1/8/2014

Collin W

Verified resident as of 11/2012

My experience here has been pretty awesome...no real complaints. Great location, spacious apartment, great finishes, good staff. Job well done.

Reviewed on: 12/2/2013

Amy K

Verified resident as of 3/2013

The office staff is always very helpful, and extremely polite... I am very satisfied. James is exceptional.

Reviewed on: 10/16/2013

Jonathan G

Verified resident as of 3/2013

Great office staff who is always there to help with whatever it may be!

Reviewed on: 10/13/2013

Alena R

Verified resident as of 7/2013

Every aspect of becoming a resident at this community has been very satisfactory and has been handled with professionalism. Great thanks to Edward Baughan and Nicole for making my move in so successful and for ensuring that my first month would be a great experience. James in facilities has also been very helpful.

Reviewed on: 8/16/2013

Odessa C

Verified resident as of 11/2012

I have an overall good experience with the community. Wouldn't want to go anywhere else. I really do feel at home and everything was beyond my expectations.

Reviewed on: 6/9/2013

MaryAnne W

Verified resident as of 5/2013

Bradley Halverson has been very warm and welcoming. Alicia has answer any of my many questions with a smile. We look forward to living here for many years!

Reviewed on: 5/24/2013

Tracie B

Verified resident as of 9/2012

It is close, and within walking distance to stores and the Metro train. It is a pleasant place to live, and the staff is great1

Reviewed on: 5/4/2013

Craig S

Verified resident as of 8/2012

This has been one of the best, if not the best, apt complex that I have lived in during my years of living on my own. The staff, in particular, really makes this place feel like home.

Reviewed on: 3/25/2013

Olive K

Verified resident as of 8/2010

I think we get the best of everything.we feel secure and our needs are responded to rt away and that maters a lot and some employes like keneath and hristine treated our kids like family so we misss theeem lots

Reviewed on: 3/21/2013

Raul C

Verified resident as of 7/2012

Great location within walking distance to the Metro. Very fast attention when submitting service requests.

Reviewed on: 3/2/2013