At Equity Residential, sustainability and social responsibility are key drivers in our focus in creating the best apartment communities for people to live, work and play. We are proud to be a leader among our peers when it comes to sustainability, and plan to stay at the forefront of this expanding effort.

Equity Residential Corporate Social Responsibility Report

We invite you to download our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report, which provides an overview of our responsibilities
and the results we achieve.

Sustainability requires an all-inclusive approach, addressing not only our relationship with the environment through a focus on resource conservation, waste reduction and energy efficiency, but also our social impact to our communities, including relationships with our residents, employees and shareholders.

Equity Residential’s sustainability
objectives are to:

  • Manage energy and other resources to reduce consumption and waste
  • Invest in technologies that help us reduce energy and water use
  • Invest in clean and renewable energy generation technologies which reduce emissions
  • Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Appropriately engage our communities
  • Attract, cultivate and retain a diverse work force
  • Maintain high corporate governance standards