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1800 Oak Apartments Reviews

Reviews are based on experiences of actual residents.

4.3 / 5 based on reviews from actual residents and their experience living with us.

Maintenance Staff


Building Quality

Eugenia T

Verified resident as of 11/2017

Very professional team. Flor has been an amazing point of contact here!

Reviewed on: 11/20/2017

Yvan T

Verified resident as of 9/2017

very positive and helpful!

Reviewed on: 9/26/2017

Christine M

Verified resident as of 8/2017

The service is excellent!

Reviewed on: 9/11/2017

Nicholas Z

Verified resident as of 7/2017

Very responsive and professional.

Reviewed on: 8/16/2017

Erika R

Verified resident as of 7/2017

The staff at 1800 Oak have been extremely patient and helpful since I have moved in! I had a few mishaps with my move and everyone has been incredibly understanding. I am very, very happy so far!

Reviewed on: 8/4/2017

Jessica W

Verified resident as of 7/2017

This is our first time living in an apartment so we had our worries but the 1800 Oak Management and Leasing team has helped us every step of the way. They have answered all our questions and managed our move in process very smoothly. They have been so welcoming, and we are looking forward for the rest of our stay at 1800 Oak.

Reviewed on: 7/30/2017

Stephen D

Verified resident as of 7/2017

Friendly helpful staff Love our apt...incredible view

Reviewed on: 7/28/2017

Kevin U

Verified resident as of 6/2017

Very nice, peofessional, and stress free

Reviewed on: 7/9/2017

Kasey S

Verified resident as of 6/2017

Everyone has been so friendly and helpful!

Reviewed on: 6/27/2017

Julia S

Verified resident as of 6/2017

The team has been very welcoming and helpful during the move in process.

Reviewed on: 6/27/2017

Mudit S

Verified resident as of 7/2015

Concierge and Engineering employees are very friendly and helpful.

Reviewed on: 6/3/2017

Miranda T

Verified resident as of 7/2010

Reliable concierge, great amenities and location! Will miss 1800 Oak

Reviewed on: 5/25/2017

Tyson M

Verified resident as of 3/2017

Nothing but positive, professional interactions thus far. The building stays clean and quiet.

Reviewed on: 4/16/2017

Shaun H

Verified resident as of 2/2017

It is with deep sadness we have to relocate to New York City because of work opportunities. We are excited to stay within the Equity family as we make our move.

Reviewed on: 4/5/2017

Adam F

Verified resident as of 5/2016

Service requests are handled quickly and well.

Reviewed on: 2/14/2017

In Hyuk L

Verified resident as of 8/2016

Very satisfied with the managers at 1800 Oak apartments.

Reviewed on: 9/6/2016

Daniel I

Verified resident as of 7/2016

Dan Burkes the leasing consultant who handled our lease was the perfect combination of professional and friendly. Not only was he totally up to the task from a professional sense (generating good lease terms and staying communicative), he also made us feel welcome from the beginning. His warm and friendly demeanor was the main selling point for us to chose the 1800 Oak community. Dan is always on top of maintenance concerns, etc. He always waives when one of us enter the building or otherwise run into him. Beyond that, the concierge staff is extremely hard working and helpful in all regards. Ultimately we are extremely happy with the building. We hope to see favorable renewal terms for next year.

Reviewed on: 8/18/2016

Xiaotong J

Verified resident as of 6/2016

I like this apartment for its convenient location, well-maintained facilities and comfortable environment and appreciate the helpful and friendly associates working here.

Reviewed on: 7/24/2016

Nona D

Verified resident as of 9/2015

This is a great property to live in. The staff are always very professional and friendly. It is always clean. The convenience store on the ground floor has been a real blessing.

Reviewed on: 7/21/2016

Howard S

Verified resident as of 11/2015

I have found staff and maintenance service to be excellent, and that's quite important.

Reviewed on: 6/29/2016

Loren M

Verified resident as of 11/2013

I want to stay at 1800 OAK for a number of years and I hope that can be the case.

Reviewed on: 6/7/2016

Julian F

Verified resident as of 9/2015

Almost through my second year in the community. Definitely enjoyed it so far and have enjoyed the staff much more now than when I first moved in. Have certainly recommended the community to friends moving into the area.

Reviewed on: 5/11/2016

Nicole V

Verified resident as of 7/2014

The concierge are always lovely people and make to brighten my day.

Reviewed on: 2/29/2016

Peter K

Verified resident as of 7/2014

Thanks for caring and putting effort into your service! It shows.

Reviewed on: 2/27/2016

Michael K

Verified resident as of 7/2015

It has been a wonderful experience both living at 1800 Oak and dealing with the staff here!

Reviewed on: 2/18/2016

Matthew S

Verified resident as of 6/2014

My experience with 1800 Oak has been nothing but positive--largely thanks to the help of the outstanding concierge staff and the maintenance men. They have always been extremely helpful and friendly in every possible way and have made my stay here very comfortable and enjoyable.

Reviewed on: 2/12/2016

Farha S

Verified resident as of 3/2015

The office, concierge and maintenance personnel are a cohesive team that get the job done -- simply excellent customer service. Great job everyone! Thanks to each of you as well for your personal attention after my dog passed away.

Reviewed on: 1/19/2016

Rachid Z

Verified resident as of 11/2015

Thank you , I like to say that KYLE was and probably still a very professional in all the ways , people like him make the resident feel comfortable from a day one and I thank him from the bottem of my heart .

Reviewed on: 11/27/2015

Audrey E

Verified resident as of 10/2015

We are very happy living in this community. The leasing office and concierge staff are very kind and helpful. Our apartment is great although the carpet has a lot of stains. We definitely recommend this community to our friends and we love the location.

Reviewed on: 11/12/2015

Patrick B

Verified resident as of 10/2015

Our move in experience was spectacular and the staff was very professional and attentive. This was one of the easiest moves I have made. So far I have been greatly enjoying my apartment!

Reviewed on: 10/25/2015

David K

Verified resident as of 9/2015

The concierge and office staff are incredibly friendly, helpful, and courteous.

Reviewed on: 10/22/2015

Lkhamjav A

Verified resident as of 2/2003

1800 Oak office staff and maintenance team provide excellent service. They have quick response for the request with quality of performance. Also, the team organize wonderful social activities. Thank you for the comfortable place to live.

Reviewed on: 9/25/2015

Crystal S

Verified resident as of 7/2015

The staff, especially Shannon, with whom I dealt extensively, have been incredibly helpful, kind, and reaponsive. My experience here has been overwhelmingly positive.

Reviewed on: 8/22/2015

Omar W

Verified resident as of 10/2013

The Staff here at 1800 Oak are second to none, I'm more grateful towards the consistency put forth by the staff to make every long day of work forgotten upon my return home in so many ways. They exemplify how apartment living should be.

Reviewed on: 5/20/2015

Ashley M

Verified resident as of 10/2012

Everyone and everything is GREAT!

Reviewed on: 5/14/2015

Sharon C

Verified resident as of 3/2015

Staff is great and very friendly. Maintenance was very responsive when I had a hot water problem.

Reviewed on: 4/29/2015

Kevin G

Verified resident as of 3/2015

Excellent experience overall. Shannon Casserly was a fantastic resource and very helpful.

Reviewed on: 4/23/2015

Amanda H

Verified resident as of 1/2015

The Oak Apartments staff is wonderful! I always look forward to coming home because the people are so friendly and always willing to help! Especially Ashley, Kendra and Hawo! Thank you for making my moving experience so amazing!

Reviewed on: 3/2/2015

Ryan M

Verified resident as of 7/2013

The staff have always been incredibly helpful and friendly. I always enjoy chatting with staff when they and I have time. If I ever have any issues with maintenance requests, they are always handled within a few hours.

Reviewed on: 2/25/2015

Wenying W

Verified resident as of 7/2009

I always think about that this apartment is my HOME.

Reviewed on: 2/4/2015

Matthew S

Verified resident as of 6/2014

Great place to live! Keep up the good work concierge/office staff!

Reviewed on: 2/2/2015

Michael V

Verified resident as of 6/2014

The front staff is amazingly helpful and nice. We love them and they make this a nice place to come home to every night!

Reviewed on: 1/29/2015

Carla B

Verified resident as of 11/2014

The management left a very nice note in our apartment welcoming us to the building. Really appreciated that. Also, the front desk staff is very professional always greets us warmly. So nice to see such friendly faces when moving into a new place!

Reviewed on: 12/12/2014

Jenna M

Verified resident as of 10/2014

Shannon Casserly, the leasing agent with whom I worked, went above and beyond all expectations to make sure that my move-in went smoothly and I was happy with my apartment. I had a few lease terms that I was concerned about that she helped me understand and feel comfortable with. The day I moved in, there was an issue with the floor plan that I had originally chosen and my furniture did not fit. She immediately found me a different unit - no hassle, no stress. She is polite and enjoyable to work with, knowledgeable about her job and the property, and extremely responsive and professional.

Reviewed on: 11/21/2014

Craig M

Verified resident as of 3/2014

The concierge staff is terrific. Ashley, Howa, Kendra, Romaine and Alisa are all professional, courteous, helpful and an asset to Equity Residential.

Reviewed on: 11/14/2014

Amenah F

Verified resident as of 3/2014

Romaine and the rest of the front desk team are great, always professional and dealing with all situations (even those not of their duties) quickly and with a smile on her face. She is the best!

Reviewed on: 10/16/2014

Hovey D

Verified resident as of 8/2014

Eury has been a pleasure to work with and is a great asset to your business!

Reviewed on: 10/1/2014

Matthew S

Verified resident as of 6/2014

So far, Archstone Rosslyn has been everything I wanted it to be and more! Wonderful staff, facilities and excellent location!

Reviewed on: 7/28/2014

Bayarkhishig S

Verified resident as of 11/2013

I find the Concierge staff to be exceptional with special acknowledgements and praises for Romaine and Ashley! They are a wonderful addition to Archstone Rosslyn, it has been a pleasure interacting with them.

Reviewed on: 6/14/2014

Omar W

Verified resident as of 10/2013

The staff here has consistently put forth every effort possible to help me embrace my apartment and community.They define the know how of what community living is all about, great team

Reviewed on: 5/14/2014

Suite S

Verified resident as of 10/2008

Love working with the staff and maintenance team! Everyone is wonderful!

Reviewed on: 5/13/2014

Simon F

Verified resident as of 10/2011

Romaine, Kendra, Ashley and Hassa are GREAT!!!!!

Reviewed on: 5/10/2014

Victoria B

Verified resident as of 8/2013

Location honestly can't be beat. And living here is so comfortable. My roommate and I are so glad we chose to move here.

Reviewed on: 3/22/2014

Andrew B

Verified resident as of 2/2014

Great community and staff.

Reviewed on: 3/1/2014

Ramon F

Verified resident as of 12/2012

We are extremely satisfied with the experience of living here. The quality of services and the great attitude of the staff made a remarkable experience for us. Thanks!!

Reviewed on: 2/28/2014

Heather S

Verified resident as of 5/2013

Eury has been great to deal with during my move in and out. The concierge staff is always friendly... Especially Ashley. I hope to move back after my deployment!

Reviewed on: 2/25/2014

Dalton A

Verified resident as of 5/2011

Ashley (last name unknown), who is present at the front desk most weekday mornings, is very professional, pleasant, and appropriately oriented toward customer sensitivities. She is a true asset to your organization.

Reviewed on: 12/30/2013

Richard B

Verified resident as of 4/2013

Overall very satisfied.

Reviewed on: 12/2/2013

Stephen S

Verified resident as of 3/2012

My wife and I loved living at the Archstone Rosslyn and we will truly miss it, however we are also excited to start a new chapter of our lives in our first home. Thanks for the memories!

Reviewed on: 10/8/2013

Eileen K

Verified resident as of 2/2013

Eury in the office staff is very helpful and really knows customer service. I know I can go in and ask her anything and she will know the answer or find out for me. I really appreciate having office staff like that! Maintenance is the best too always prompt and very knowledgeable on how to fix anything. That is most important too.

Reviewed on: 9/25/2013

Gerald P

Verified resident as of 2/2013

For me, the location is unbelievable superb. The staff at the front desk - Howa, Ashley, Romaine (I know them the best) are over-the-top great! They truly make it feel as if I'm 'coming home' each night. Keep up the good work.

Reviewed on: 9/6/2013

Gary F

Verified resident as of 9/2011

We have really enjoyed living here the past two years. Everyone I have interacted with on the staff has been very helpful and friendly (that includes the maintenance men and ladies in housekeeping). This first showed up the when we were looking at apartments and spoke with Ashley. Your staff seemed much more professional than at any of the other places we looked.

Reviewed on: 8/28/2013

Kalev L

Verified resident as of 7/2013

Overall extremely happy with the complex, especially the assistance of the staff with handling my packages and deliveries and other help given that I was moving in while traveling for 2 weeks, including international travel. Very friendly and professional staff - completely opposite some of the online reviews that had negative views on the building from the previous management, I've been extremely happy with Archstone's running of the building, the staff in particular are top notch, extremely friendly, and extremely willing to help and make everything great.

Reviewed on: 8/8/2013

Eugene F

Verified resident as of 10/2008

I can't help but praise the concierge staff. Very professional and always helpful!

Reviewed on: 8/8/2013

Melissa G

Verified resident as of 5/2013

Our leasing agent Mr. Victor Dupont was very helpful and friendly. He made our experience choosing Equity a very pleasant one.

Reviewed on: 6/28/2013

Heather S

Verified resident as of 5/2013

I am very happy with my apartment and my experience here!

Reviewed on: 6/22/2013

Michelle M

Verified resident as of 4/2013

I absolutely love living here. Staff is SO kind.

Reviewed on: 5/27/2013

Liviu N

Verified resident as of 4/2013

A great thanks to Victor Dupont for his professionalism and superb customer service approach, resulting in a great move-in experience.

Reviewed on: 5/26/2013

Farha S

Verified resident as of 4/2013

I usually stay away from apartment communities, and prefer to rent from private owners. However, despite my recent difficult moving experience (just before I found this community), dealing with the leasing staff and the concierge staff at Archstone Rosslyn was far more satisfying than I could have imagined. Everyone I came in contact with made sure I had exactly what I needed. I realize this is not part of their job - to play 'therapist,' but I especially appreciate that everyone listened to my concerns, and showed empathy for my recent bad luck finding a home. Thanks!

Reviewed on: 5/22/2013

Eugene F

Verified resident as of 10/2008

Our concierge staff is excellent and makes living here very enjoyable.

Reviewed on: 5/6/2013

Weiyi W

Verified resident as of 8/2012

Vert nice appartment. Will definitely recommend it to my friends. Hope there are discount for residents who renew the contract.

Reviewed on: 3/10/2013